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Marine Magnesium 60 caps
Pure Ocean-Source Marine Magnesium
Pure Ocean-Source Marine Magnesium
Marine Magnesium
Marine Magnesium 60 Caps Nutrition Panel
Marine Magnesium 100g Powder Nutrition Panel
Marine Magnesium 60 Caps Nutrition Panel
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Pure Ocean-Source Marine Magnesium
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Marine Magnesium 60 Caps Nutrition Panel
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Green Nutritionals MarineMagnesium

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Nature's Perfect Magnesium

A natural form of Magnesium derived from the clean, mineral-rich seawater off the Irish Atlantic coast, with a multi-mineral matrix of 74 pure plant-source minerals and trace minerals that work synergistically to boost the absorption and bioavailabilty of Magnesium in the body.

What is Pure Ocean-Source MarineMAGNESIUM?

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We believe the more natural a product is the better, therefore our MarineMAGNESIUM is derived naturally from the clean waters off the Irish coast – during the process, prepared calcium oxide reacts with the magnesium in the seawater to precipitate magnesium hydroxide. The magnesium hydroxide is washed repeatedly with fresh water and dried to a fine, high grade magnesium hydroxide powder.

MarineMAGNESIUM, in its natural magnesium hydroxide form, has been shown through in-vitro testing to be 78% soluble in a typical digestive system and its delivery is further enhanced by the inclusion of additional plant-source minerals. Magnesium hydroxide is soluble in stomach acid allowing absorption of elemental magnesium into the blood stream, whereas magnesium oxide must convert to magnesium hydroxide before dissolution in acid can even begin.

MarineMAGNESIUM provides the perfect balance – a Magnesium Hydroxide that possesses a high level of elemental magnesium and a 50% higher solubility than magnesium oxide in water (.009g/L vs .006g/L) that is soluble in stomach acid allowing absorption into the bloodstream.

Each serve of MarineMAGNESIUM provides 260mg of ELEMENTAL Magnesium in its natural balance of 74 trace minerals.

MarineMAGNESIUM is defined as a Formulated Supplementary Sports Food in Australia and is produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) license using the raw ingredients produced in Ireland under ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP certification.

What Are The Health Benefits

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Magnesium is necessary for over 300 metabolic reactions in the body, and acts to maintain nerve and muscle function, heart rhythm, neuro-muscular conduction, blood pressure, glucose and insulin metabolism as well as bone integrity.

Magnesium intake actually reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Despite the wide variety of magnesium in foods, at least 60% and possibly as much as 80% of adults do not consume the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for magnesium (310 – 420mg daily).

Natural vs Synthetic

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Unlike the vast majority amino acid chelated Magnesium supplements, MarineMAGNESIUM is a naturally derived form of magnesium that also contains a natural balance of trace minerals which enhances the absorption and utilisation of magnesium in the body. A 3g serve of MarineMAGNESIUM powder can simply be mixed in water, juice or added to food because it contains nothing artificial or synthetic.


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Marine Magnesium Powder
One serve = 3g (1 LEVEL teaspoon) ADULTS: use 1 serve (3g) daily.
Serving Suggestions: Mix in water, juice or add to food.

Marine Magnesium Capsules
One serve = 2 capsules ADULTS: use 1 serve (2 capsules) daily

MarineMagnesium is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training or exercise program under medical or dietetic supervision.

Store in a cool, dry place below 30°C.

Typical Analysis & Ingredients

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Pure Ocean-Source MarineMAGNESIUM

Aquamin S (Lithothamnium calcarium) 55%, Aquamin MG (Magnesium hydroxide) 23%, Organic Coconut Water Freeze-Dried Powder (Coco nucifera) 18%, Organic Tapioca 4%.

Aquamin S (Lithothamnium calcarium) 53%, Aquamin MG (Magnesium hydroxide) 45%, silica 2%, vegetarian capsule (hypromellose and water).


Average Quantity Per 3g Per 100g
Energy 28Kj 945Kj
Protein 48mg 1.6g
Fat - Total <0.02g <0.6g
- Saturated Fat <0.01g <0.1g
- Carbohydrate <0.5g <1.6g
- Sugars <0.006g 0.2g
Sodium 9mg 300mg
Magnesium (elemental) 260mg 8.68g
Calcium (elemental) 287mg 9.5g
Plant trace-minerals (total) 160mg 11.8g


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Green Nutritionals are committed to providing you with the World’s best quality superfoods. For us, the term ‘World’s Best’ refers not only to the quality, purity and potency of our products but also their origin & source, where & how we package them, our full disclosure values and the ethics we uphold in the marketing of our products.

Pure Ocean-Source Marine Magnesium and Pure Plant-Source Green Calcium
Pure Ocean-Source Marine Magnesium

Product origin and sourcing

Some of the world’s most prolific producers of superfoods are countries where pollution is a significant issue and where there is little or no regulation around how this impacts the quality and purity of the foods they grow. In regions where the environment is full of pollutants, the foods grown in these conditions can be contaminated with heavy metals and have lowered nutritional values.

At GREEN NUTRITIONALS we buy only from the very best growers in non-polluted regions, then fully disclose who these growers are and why we believe their superfoods are the best. We know our suppliers and we know where the products that we pass onto our valued customers have come from. This is about product quality. It’s also about ethical sourcing and knowing the eco-journey of each product that we sell.

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