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4 Reasons To Choose Vital Protein Powder

4 Reasons To Choose Vital Protein Powder

Protein is essential to keeping every part of your body working properly, in particular for muscle regeneration, but also including your digestive and immune systems. Tired? Feeling run down? Can’t concentrate? A protein deficiency could be the problem.

Protein powders offer a convenient solution to this essential need, and there are hundreds of options on the shelves, but they’re not all created equal and some can do more harm than good.

Natural protein powders are the smart choice over conventional protein powders as they deliver the purest form of this essential nutrient, delivering all the benefits, and none of the hazards.

Here are four great reasons to stock up on natural protein powder today:

  1. Great for vegans
    Vegetables and plants, such as soy, brown rice, peas and hemp, are an increasingly popular source of ingredients for natural protein powders. Vital specialises in a pea protein that provides all the essential amino acids and is highly digestible. Therefore, it is a reliable, pure and convenient source of protein for vegans, who often struggle to meet the recommended daily protein intake for optimum health.
  1. Lactose-free
    With no milk or dairy products, natural protein is perfect for people who have trouble digesting lactose. In fact, it’s believed that up to 65% of people have reduced tolerance to lactose, which means they need alternatives that can have the same effect. Pea protein or other natural supplements ensure that you don’t have to worry about suffering gastric upsets or other health concerns that can come with not properly breaking down animal proteins.
  2. No bloating
    Customers who use Whey proteins often complain about bloating. By sourcing the best quality natural ingredients, in our case from European Pea Protein from Belgium, it won’t cause this uncomfortable reaction. Plus, our Vital Pea Protein has less than 1% natural sugar and less than 100 calories, which are both extremely rare for protein powders.
  3. Great for the planet
    Natural protein powder offers the best, earth-friendly way to meet your protein requirements. By saying “yes” to clean protein sources, you’re also saying “yes” to a healthier and sustainable environment.

You want the best protein that will not only provide great results, but have positive (not negative) effects on your body. That’s exactly what you get from Vital Everyday’s certified-natural protein powders. Learn more about Vital Protein or shop online to get the benefits today!

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