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Go Green and Live Clean in 2023

Go Green and Live Clean in 2023

We are all hearing more about the gifts nature provides us and today more than ever before we are needing to move towards green living to activate and strengthen our health, our environment, our farmers, our future.

"Living green is about respecting nature and all she provides throughout the year."

There is a new conversation that is becoming louder and louder…how dense is your nutrition? Nutrition is dense when it hasn’t been compromised with additives that are not natural. Rich and dense nutrition uplifts your health as your body recognizes it – when we source nutrition from nature and encase it into sustainable packaging we are tasting nature in all her glory. 


Going green refers to all aspects of environmentally friendly products from supplements, to body and skin care, to fashion and to the products we use in our homes.  Eco-friendly means that a product will not harm the environment.  Sustainability meant that what we do today doesn’t deplete resources for future generations. 


I am so pleased that our parent company, Martin & Pleasance, continues to grow in this space respecting nature at every level.  I have been involved in health for more than 30 years and I want to remind you that not all products made by nature are the same.  I am pleased that all the Vital supplement products I take are made in Australia and all the capsules are vegan friendly, and excipients are kept to a minimum.  When moving into the green space of health it is so important to ensure you are taking a product that delivers nature’s gift to boost your health.


6 ways to go GREEN this new year:

  1. Eat locally
  2. Reduce plastic waste
  3. Use a re-usable Water bottle
  4. Make a green smoothie daily
  5. Walk more to let more oxygen into your lungs
  6. Embrace Veganuary and a plant-based diet


Do you live in a Green Home?

Living in a green home isn’t as hard as you think.  If you have moved into eating and supplementing green then it is the missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle to create a green home… – Start by substituting your household cleaning products with those that nature has given us. Your home is a reflection of who you are and if you are wanting to stay healthy it is important to let green cleaning take over.  Staying clean is made easy with this range of products.



Go Green with Face & Body Care

Simply supplementing well isn’t enough to stay green and enjoy the benefits nature provides us.  Your skin is your largest organ and just as you are becoming more conscious of what you eat and supplement with it is just as important to embrace hair and body care that is as green as your superfoods you are taking.  There is a difference when using high quality green products encased in sustainable packaging as not only are we giving back to our world but rather giving ourselves the best chance at respecting our whole self. 



"When moving into the green space of health it is so important to ensure you are taking a product that delivers nature’s gift to boost your health."

Our Top Green Product Pick: Vital All-In-One

Vital All-In-One combines vitamins, minerals, greens, fruits, herbs, vegetables, pea protein, digestive enzymes, plus 14 billion cultures, all in the one convenient powder formula.

This high quality, plant-based vegan supplement was developed by two Naturopaths, Shane and Steven, from Sydney Australia, over 20 years ago. Their aim was to create a nutritionally dense formula that could replace the multiple vitamins their patients were taking, giving them everything they need in one simple serve.

Just 2 teaspoons daily mixed in water delivers over 70 vital nutrients, crafted to boost vitality and wellbeing.


Feel the Vital Difference:

Take the Vital 12-day challenge and feel Vital the difference for yourself:

  • Better gut health with 14 billion cultures and prebiotics
  • More energy to power through your day with Biologically Active B Vitamins
  • A stronger immune system with Beata Glucans, Resveratrol, Zinc and Vitamin C

Vital All-In-One


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Company Ambassador

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