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My body, My mind, My health, My choices by Susan Gianevsky

My body, My mind, My health, My choices by Susan Gianevsky

I am writing to remind you to start future proofing your mind & body to live a life full of good health, accelerated daily energy & optimum immunity- I say optimum as this can be a reachable goal if you start respecting your temple knowing from the blood that flows through your veins to your organs, your gut & brain all depend on the choices you make.

I recently watched the latest documentaries on The Blue Zones which are parts of our world where people live in good health to 100 and beyond with no inflammation and great mental focus. Their daily movement and their dedication to healthy living inspired me. Their focus is on plant based living just as I have been living for the last 40 or more years.

I thought to myself I have already created an internal blue zone and eventhough many of us may never get to visit or live in the unique pockets around the world, that shouldn’t stop anyone from living their healthiest life with all that we have available to us today.

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With the stresses and rushing lifestyles we live, we are so lucky that we can add to our plant based lifestyles with plant based supplements. I encourage that you add plant based supplements to your regime to support your current lifestyle.

In the world we live in, our challenges are not only eating a few fresh fruits and vegetables but rather our biggest challenge facing us today is receiving the enzymes, trace minerals, and gut support that all affect our daily mood that is also linked to our energy levels.

I am inviting you to choose better than where you are at today by going onto the plant based supplement challenge – I did 3 years ago and not only am I living with an increase in energy levels, but every part of my being is lit up. I thought I followed a great health regime but I turned it up a few notches when I changed over to plant based supplements – now I am back taking Magnesium but it is Marine Magnesium, Astaxanthin and Vitamin D all created by nature and recognised by every part of my body. I know that my supplements are supporting me as I’m absorbing everything that I swallow along with my food.

 Vitamin D        Iron       Calcium        

I am totally future proofing my body for a healthier me that continues to shine from the inside out. I sincerely thank NATURE for having my back as I respect her for always being there so I can share her gifts with everyone I meet.




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