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I am Green in every way - what colour are you? By Susan Gianevsky - M&P Chief Health Ambassador

I am Green in every way - what colour are you? By Susan Gianevsky - M&P Chief Health Ambassador

When I think of green I think of peas, lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli & beans. I think of grass, trees and leaves. I also think of my wardrobe as I’m wearing lots of green too - sometimes I feel like my bowl of greens but it feels so much better than wearing black to me. Nature is green and I am now part of the ebb and flow of nature. 


We have always equated green with feeling alive, energised, uplifted and even more focused. It is then no coincidence that eating and living green is what will keep our planet, our health and home alive too. 


I have now moved to living a complete green life - from what I eat, to what I supplement with and even clean my home with only green products that do no harm to our environment. For a long time now I have ensured my garden is green in every way too. 


I want to ask you how important it is to you to be & live green. Everything that we need comes from nature. So, why do we surround ourselves with synthetic additives, synthetic vitamins, synthetic body care & face care & synthetic home care? 


Have you ever walked out of your home on a spring day and gone for a walk - what have you smelt - I say you have smelt the aromas nature gives us as gifts- this is how I want everything I swallow and bathe in plus clean my home to smell like - natural smells uplift us - synthetic smells block us in ways we are not always aware of. 


I now only have supplements in my pantry that are 100% plant based and that includes my omega 3 & 6 oils - imagine that! My skin has come alive too since I moved to 100% green. My home is only cleaned by green products too.

I am supporting nature because we all need it to stay healthy, strong and focused.


My skin now glows thanks to the oils that come from the Camelia tree, the avocado and the sunflower plant - every night they land on my face and wash away the debris and my makeup leaving a healthy base that allows my skin to breathe in the morning. I wash my face with a clear gel that is infused with Aloe Vera juice, rosemary plant and Kakadu plum along with organic essential oils that get me ready for my day. 



Living an organic life isn’t hard at all - just let nature in and she will uplift your mind, body & soul.


Today I invite you to step into the colour green and see where it takes you.


I wrote a book to share with everyone how I live a green life to inspire you to step into the brightest colour of green. 


Wishing you all the best as you let nature create your new inner and outer landscape,


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