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Celebrate World Vegan Month

Celebrate World Vegan Month

Let’s celebrate vegan friendly products and supplements. 

We are living in a very different world today and I am so pleased to be surrounded by health products that are vegan friendly and now the organic skincare I choose to use is also vegan friendly.  I am not a vegan but I still choose to use vegan friendly products internally and externally. 


Why choose plant-based products?

Did you know that animal ingredients can be harsh and clog pores, so vegan products are a soothing alternative? What's more, the plant-derived ingredients in many vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin. I have now been using a new line of products that not only hydrate my skin but also nourish and make my skin glow. It’s funny how I have more compliments for my skin now than ever before. It’s like my skin knows what is good for it. No nasties just kisses from nature is what I call my skincare and body care that is everywhere in my bathroom. I love the way natural, organic vegan friendly skincare smells – it uplifts my soul. I look forward to my daily ritual where my skin is treated with the respect it deserves. On top of being eco-friendly, they are also cruelty-free. Additionally, they are never tested on animals during production, so they are also cruelty-free. This makes me even happier. We all need to support our world by moving into a sustainable way of living that will keep nature delivering all that we need. 



Don’t Forget Plant Based Supplements

I am totally dedicated to plant based supplements as well. They are vegan friendly and are assimilated easily as they’re absorbed better by the body. They are recognized by the body as nature knows all that we need. 


I am so pleased to be living in this new world where nature is again igniting the flame for us to be coated internally and externally with her gifts. My cells are happy as they are being provided with the food they need as plant based supplements are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in a dense exciting is this. I am giving my body and mind the fuel it needs daily. 

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