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How does it work?


Barleygrass provides generous amounts of natural chlorophyll which has a purifying effect on the body enabling it to eliminate toxins that can lead to disease.

Chlorophyll has figured prominently in medical research into tissue healing and it also has a recognised deodorising effect on the body. Some nutritionists have proposed that many diets today are highly acid in balance - as barley leaf powder is alkaline, it is therefore useful in restoring a pH balance.

The Barleygrass leaf is naturally high in enzymes that can have an anti–peptic ulcer and anti-inflammatory function. It has been suggested that 65% of food has been processed in a way that destroys all enzymes (Swope, 1987). Our low temperature drying process therefore plays a significant role in maintaining these valuable enzymes.

The Barleygrass in Australian Organic SUPERGRASS is harvested, dehydrated and powdered in the same locality and is not subjected to any heat, friction or other processes which could cause loss of nutrients. The equipment which we use concentrates the green barley shoots into a micro fine powder and is a world first. With this technology we can provide optimum nutrition in its most natural form. Imported Grass Juice Powder products have arrived on the market with fantastic claims.


Selenium contained in Wheatgrass is a powerful trace mineral and is important in maintaining a resistance to disease.

Wheatgrass is high in iron assisting the body to transport and store oxygen in the blood and muscles, produce energy, maintain the immune system and is essential for fatty acid metabolism assisting the human body to detoxify and cleanse.

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