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Balanced amino acid profile

The most balanced and potent amino acid profile of any plant based protein, with 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids.

Amino Acid Vital Protein Whey Protein
Example of typical analysis* mg per 100g mg per 100g
Histidine* 2700 1250
Isoleucine* 4700 3347
Leucine 8700 6513
Lysine* 7700 5900
Methionine* 1200 1213
Phenylalanine* 5600 2006
Threonine* 3900 4156
Tryptophan* 1000 1088
Valine* 5200 3350
Alanine 4400 2966
Arginine 9100 1491
Aspartic Acid 12500 6094
Cysteine 1100 1329
Glutamic Acid 20300 9797
Glycine 4100 2575
Proline 4400 4219
Serine 5600 2903
Tyrosine 3900 1950


*Amino acid content may vary slightly from batch to batch, these figures serve as an example of an average analysis.

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