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What to Look For When Picking the Best Green Supplement

What to Look For When Picking the Best Green Supplement

In the last decade there has been heightened interest in the natural health industry with more people investing in its beliefs and swaying towards a healthier, balanced lifestyle in order to help prevent illness and enjoy are more energised lifestyle.  One of the ongoing interests has been the push towards green powders and green supplements. The increase of green powder products in the market is an example of the effectiveness of these green supplements.

However there is a large scale of difference in the effectiveness and quality of different green supplements or powders on the market, and certain factors will help determine their effectiveness in supporting optimal daily health.

So, how do we rate the best green powders?

Complex Supplement, not just a simple powder

In order to be the best greens powder it’s important that it is a greens supplement and not just a simple green food powder. A greens supplement offers more therapeutic benefits than a multivitamin or superfood single ingredient. Whilst there are many green powders on the market, there are few complex greens supplements that contain a range of specifically dosed ingredients not just some superfood greens. For example, Vital All In One contains a blend of vitamins & minerals, pre & probiotics for gut health, disease protecting antioxidants, detoxifying herbs and alkalising greens.

Powder over Pills

The best green supplements also come in powder form for optimal absorption. One of the reasons greens supplements are more effective than tablets and pills is because the body absorbs the powder supplement whilst it struggles to digest tablets and capsules, which results in the product being wasted.

Naturopath developed specific doses

For convenience your greens supplement should be everything you need in a daily dosage of just 2 teaspoons or 10g of the powder supplement. Also, be sure it is a carefully balanced blend of specific ingredients formulated by a healthcare professional to support optimal health.

The most effective and best greens supplements are much more than a simplified greens powder. They are complex formulations that will provide daily energy and prevent illness so you can perform at your best every day.

Single ingredient multivitamins and herbs are good. A blended multivitamin or herb formulation is better. But a nutrient rich greens supplement is best.

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