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Eat Real Food, Take Plant Based Supplements & Feel the Connection to Nature

Eat Real Food, Take Plant Based Supplements & Feel the Connection to Nature

Bioavailability is key. Consider all that you eat and swallow. We are becoming more aware that the food we ingest is crucial to our ongoing wellbeing. Our world changed a few years ago and our daily health regime needs to be changed to make room for plant based supplements.

Never ever before have we had such a selection of unique supplements that can jump start our health as we step into this new world where we cannot have our immunity comprised to keep pace with our busy lifestyles.

I still have clients and friends who say – I don’t need to take supplements as I eat well. This is no longer the case I remind them as we need to ensure that we have our nutritional support available for our body to stay strong and healthy.  

The difference when selecting high quality Australian made plant based supplements added to your wellness regime is that they are: Image in icons

  • Highly Bioavailable
  • Gentler on the digestive system
  • Nothing added/synthetic that our body doesn’t recognize
  • Extra dense nutrition added to the key selected supplements (Iron, Calcium & Vitamin D3)

Simply eating well is dependent on so many factors and this is why I encourage supplementation. If you are stressed, eating on the run, over cooking, eating processed foods, adding salt or sugar to food, eating canned food. All prevent your food intake being challenged to support you with the nutrition count your body needs daily from your diet and why I encourage that you become selective and more aware of how you can boost your ongoing health via your supplements.

When choosing to follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle it is so very important to ensure that key minerals your body needs are always kept restored as good levels of Iron & Calcium plus Vitamin D3 provide a health matrix that the body needs especially when your diet is deficient in proteins needed to build stronger iron and calcium levels.

It is time to upgrade your health and this begins with adding plant based nutrition to your regime as well as becoming more aware on adding plant based skincare too. Nature provides so much and offers her gifts to us daily. It is up to us to embrace all that she provides to us.  


Everything you eat, supplement with and bathe in plays a key on how you live in your inner and outer self daily.


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | International Speaker

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