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An organic Christmas

An organic Christmas

Christmas will be with us in a few short days and there is always a rush to buy gifts for all our family and friends.  There is so much more beautiful and fresh organic food we can buy these days and it adds so much to the table we share with family and friends over the Christmas period.

More and more family and friends are becoming conscious of what they are eating and supplementing with.  This is such a gift we can give ourselves and it really is up to us the life choices we make around all that we do with our internal and external body. 

Remember that the soap, body lotions, shampoo/ conditioner and oral care we choose either supports our ongoing health or can derail all that we are eating and supplementing with…

 Every year for Christmas I put together health hampers for my friends to encourage them to start the year in an organic way.  It gives me great joy to share all the products I use daily and have found them to provide me with the external platform that supports my internal health too…eating well is part of the health jigsaw and looking after your hair, skin and oral health organically is the missing piece of the health jigsaw that we often forget about.


This year choose organic gifts that will uplift everyone who receives them…step into the change that will make 2022 a  stand out year for you where your internal and external self finds a balance that uplifts your soul.

 Australian Biologika:

Organic shampoos are not all the same and I have found the AUSTRALIAN BIOLOGIKA range of shampoos, manufactured by Vital’s parent company Martin & Pleasance, that I have used for the past 2 years to be my favorite – this year I am buying and recommending  a few from the amazing selection of shampoos this range provides and am loving the Citrus Rose Shampoo & Conditioner and the Lemon Myrtle body wash is going into the Christmas hampers I am preparing at the start of December. 

Since I can remember I have added health products to all my Christmas hampers and now I can make sure all my hampers include my choice of organic shampoos, conditioners, body wash and body lotions…what a treat it is that Martin & Pleasance now owns this unique range of organic formulations in the BIOLOGIKA & ECOLOGIC ranges…

I have always used organic soaps and just love this range of BIOLOGIKA soaps…I buy beautiful boxes and add tissue paper and add them to each box in my favorite smells…imagine natural essential oils soothing your skin every time you shower or wash your hands…beautiful skin starts with organic ingredients that synergistically work to support the health of your skin restoring the natural oils the skin produces rather than disturbing the natural equilibrium.


This Christmas make it an ORGANIC CHRISTMAS and introduce your family and friends to the range of natural hair and skin care now from Martin & Pleasance

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