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Typical Analysis & Ingredients

Ingredients: 100% Yaeyama Chlorella

Ingredients:  Yaeyama Chlorella 99.5%, tricalcium phosphate 0.5%

Average Quantity Per 100g Per 3g serve
Energy 1691kj 51kj
Calories 404 12
PROTEIN 70g 2.1g
Fat - Total 11.3g 0.34g
- Saturated Fat 2.1g 0.06g
- Carbohydrate 2.1g 0.06g
- Sugars 0.05g 0.015g
Sodium 0.16g 0.005g
CHLOROPHYLL 3,510mg 105mg
CGF  (Chlorella Growth Factor 24,900mg 747mg
RNA  (Ribonucleic Acid) 4,500mg 135mg
DNA  (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) 610mg 18mg
CAROTENOIDS  (Total) 718mg 21mg
α-Carotene 51mg 1.53mg
β-Carotene 106mg 3.18mg
LUTEIN 500mg 15mg
ZEAXANTHIN 31mg 930mcg
Vitamin C 49mg 1.47mg
Vitamin D 1.4mg 34mcg
Vitamin E 22.6mg 678mcg
Vitamin K 1.1mg 33.6mcg
B1 1.6mg 48mcg
B2 5.6mg 168mcg
B6 2.3mg 69mcg
NIACIN  (as Nicotinic Acid) 32mg 960mcg
FOLATE 2.4mg 72mcg
EFA’s  (Essential Fatty Acids) 8,000mg 240mg
IRON 164mg 4.9mg
CALCIUM 205mg 6.15mg
MAGNESIUM 279mg 8.37mg
POTASSIUM 1,030mg 30mg
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